Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jentel Painting 4, "My Robot GF" 27x20" acrylic on canvas

Jentel Painting 3

Left: "Red Ball"

Right: "Huil", which means 'Weep' in Dutch

Both about: 26x19 inch, Acrylic on Canvas

Jentel Paintings 2

Left: "All that is left to do"
Right: "Kiss of Death"

Both about 20x27inch, Acrylic on Canvas

Jentel Paintings 2.5 2009

Left: "ScreamoHelmet", a crying Helmet

Right:"ScreamoRedBall", a crying red ball

Both: about 32x27", Acrylic on Canvas

Paintings from Jentel 1

The red one says "Marriage of Jesus Christ" and
 the blue one, "Demi-god laughs, you die"
both in Dutch. It's because I went to a dutch high school and my friend is going to Netherlands for a whole year. 

 27"x32" (app.), Acrylic on Canvas